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New Webcomic

2010-06-23 08:55:42 by McBean

I'm drawing a new comic which updates three times a week.
Eat That Toast

go check it out if you like comics, have low self-esteem, or both

this is about you

2010-04-28 23:09:35 by McBean

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2009-12-31 21:10:56 by McBean

It was one year ago today that I so boldly declared that 2009 was to be my comeback year and I'm proud to say that the mission has been accomplished. While at the time it may have felt like I was blowing more smoke up my ass, it was an inspiring smoke that penetrated through my rectum, billowing new life and ideas through every part of me. It was a good year. So if 2009 was the year of the comeback, 2010 will be the year of the breakout.

Make it so!


New Animation - Bear Strategies

2009-10-15 14:00:46 by McBean

This is the second animation where I've had the chance to work for Mike Birbiglia in bringing some of his great bits to life. It really feels like one of those things that's going to change a lot of things for me, open new doors, offer new pairs of destiny pants. It was really nice being able to have pretty open range with creativity on these projects. This is definitely the kind of stuff I would like to be doing more of with my time.

also if you love updates about cats pooping floors, follow me on twitter: mattczap


2009-10-01 11:14:13 by McBean

new animation should be droppin' soon, hopefully.


User of the Day

2009-08-06 17:39:12 by McBean

Someone alerted me that I am the prestigious winner for 'user of the day'. Not sure what it all means, but I would definitely like to exploit this for all it's worth.
Send me prizes!


2009-07-09 17:53:30 by McBean

choking on my dinner right now!

Old Mill Pond

2009-05-23 20:30:52 by McBean

I just finished an animation for comedian Mike Birbiglia and it's on youtube! q0Vs

I will submit it to Newgrounds later this week, but give the youtube link some hits.

follow me to sellout town

2009-04-07 20:34:24 by McBean

I'll probably regret this, but if you want to stay up to date about all my latest bowel movements then follow me on twitter. I hope this is a quick social networking fad so we can move on to the next weird thing.

also, check out my moves.

and bee tee dubs, moves is an abbrev for movie so I'll save time. alas, looks like i've wasted even more explaining how cool I am.

hellll yeaaaah

2009-04-03 00:38:46 by McBean

you thought you could ransom me? eat my balls squatters.

i got my domain,, after three or so years since it expired under my nose. not sure what I want to put up there yet, but it'll be awesome NO DOUBT SON